Pearl Child Care Project Uganda  

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Children’ Rights

All children are born equal and are entitled to basic human rights and liberty and that they deserve respect, care, support and protection as they develop and grow.

Many children have not been treated with respect and dignity due not having same opportunities, and this has destroyed children lives, gifts, talents, skills and ability to develop them for sustainable livelihood. Loss of one or both of parents, diseases and malnutrition and lack of other basic needs has disrupted quality formal education and learning and social relationships of these needy children.

Therefore Perl Child Care project-Uganda advocate for children rights which includes; education and learning, development, feeding, medication, clothing, protection, equality and participation and would like to partner with other organization in the world.





Every child has the right to education without unfairness. In Uganda, a vast numbers of children are deprived of education rights by their parents or guardian, yet the government of Uganda provides free formal primary school education to every child though, there are thousand of children who don’t attend school. There are few government schools and services few children access government schools and will have to walk 5km to 6km everyday to attend school.

This have deteriorated to provide adequate education and learning services especially abandoned children, orphans and vulnerable children in significant to bright future of these children.

Pearl Child Care project-Uganda care and support for abandoned children, orphans and vulnerable children in quality formal education and learning. We register and enroll needy children in our partner schools for education these children are between the ages of 3 and 18 years old.

The disregard and loss of one or both parents typically causes unsympathetic and harsh situation of the well-being of these children and limitations on the ability to generate income. In turn this has significantly negative impact on the well-being and social mobility of these children.

All needy children who are not attending school and those who attending needs your support to ensure that all the children cared by Pearl Child Care Project continues going to school. we provide school fees and available scholastic's materials to needy children such as exercise books, pens and pencils, crayons and other teaching aids

We need your support to ensure that all these children can access Education and learning. Clothing and Footwear We provides school uniforms and other clothing’s to the needy childre
 n that are cared and supported by pearl child care

Orphans with NO any parent. many don't have clothes and shoes, they go hungry and have no access to formal Education   




Clothing's / Foot ware

You can help the needy children by sending clothing and footwear. Any clothing and footwear that you would typically consider for children is of great value to the needy children of Pearl child care project-Ugnda, the children are of all ages between 2 and 18 and so any clothing of an appropriate size and quality will be suitable.





 many children are feed only one meal per day




Feeding Drives:

It is hard to teach the hungry children in class, many needy children go hungry with no food all day long at school and this affects their learning ability hence bad performances

Pearl Child Care Project-Uganda provides one meal per day during school hours, when children are at school and three meals a day to orphans and abandoned children who resides at school.  A variety of food and goods are required by the project to feed the needy children and many of these are not described.
But most important is to purchase and acquire a 20 to 30 acres of land to grow food and livestock farming as a basic needs items to reduce the prevalence of under-nutrition conditions

This will be compared to the sustainability and income of the project to help you understand how badly the project needs your support/donation to purchase and obtain a 20 to 30 acres of land for growing food and livestock to feed the children




Diseases pose a significant threat to needy children of Uganda. AIDS is the underlying cause of much of the orphans across the country, malaria, malnutrition, water and sanitation and as well internal and external parasitic diseases due to poor hygiene contributes must to the suffering of needy children in these communities’ as well inadequate health services.

Community Health Education programs are having a positive impact on the rate of HIV infection. This education reinforces the need for preventative health in response to the threat of vector-borne diseases such as malaria, water and sanitation and transmittable diseases such as HIV / AIDS and other related diseases.

The provision of education on the prevention, providing mosquito netting and education about reproductive health are key mitigation strategies in response to these problems. We conduct live-saving preventative-health education programs to teach children the communities about environmental health, preventative measures. Kasangati Health Center is the primary health care for Pearl Child Care project children 

Higher level health care facilities are the medical center in Uganda but are very expensive. There is a government hospital in Uganda and we can easily obtain available pharmaceuticals drugs. Also transporting children from school hospital and from home to hospital is costly.


   Most of the children in Pearl child care live under poverty line the don't have access to
    formal primary school Eduction and some have to labour work to earn a living or buy
scholastic materials



Impact of poverty among children

As described above hundreds of children in Uganda and all children cared and supported by pearl child care project are living significantly below the poverty line. As well as malnutrition an example of the impact of poverty “Some children have to sell labor [work] or scrap collections to earn a living or buy scholastic materials, clothing, feeding etc.

This cause regular absenteeism and in the long run they cannot keep pace with their school work hence school drop-outs. Typically they drop out of school or have to repeat the grade. Some girls and boys reach age 17 or 18 while still in primary due to academic failure caused by challenging to being abandoned, loss of one or both parents and others are chronically poor to afford pay for school dues and complete their schooling.” Most absenteeism is due to malnutrition and the inability to afford school dues and scholastic material Beneficiaries


The beneficiaries of the Perl Child Care Project-Uganda CBO are needy children described in the communities. Children living with HIV/AIDS, Children living in excessive poverty, abandoned children, Orphans and vulnerable children, working children, street kids

Note:  that the Pearl Child Care Project does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, racism, religious belief. Enrollment/Registration is based on need of needy children. .

The Pearl child care project is responsible for all implementing the day-to-day oversight of the organization and additionally, the Directors of Pearl Child Care project  provides oversight on a regular basis to monitor and develop this new program