Pearl Child Care Project Uganda  

Let Hearts be broaden and hands be extended to help others 

Volunteer opportunity

If you would be interested in volunteering to help Uganda education project for Pearl Child Care project-Uganda's mission for disadvantaged children by traveling and speaking on the needy children's behalf.

You can make a huge difference for needy children being reached for the world with loving; you will add value to them in this way!

Over 22 million children worldwide have lost one or both of their parents to AIDS. We offer comprehensive care and support to children by providing them their basic needs that includes; free formal primary school education and secondary school education, school dues and supplies, feeding, water and sanitation, spiritual care and revival, clothing, health care, and legal services


at the project is a wonderful and rewarding way to contribute to the well being of the needy children of Pearl Child Care project-Uganda. You get to experience first hand the lives of the needy children and at the same time help them.

Volunteering is the most important requirement; to become a Pearl Child Care project Volunteer is to have the willingness and responsibility to do so. “Volunteer work has to come from the deepest of one’s Heart”, says the Executive Director Pearl Child Care project-Uganda and probably he is right. Volunteers must work because they adore of what they are doing and not because they want to gain some experience.

Participants must have a true compromise and desire of extending their hands to help those in need and underprivileged The Mission for Volunteering is arranged in one or two ways.

What can you do?

1. volunteer at the project:Go on a short / long term volunteer trip [gap-year]

2. Service adventure Travel and safari for project development
    (fund-raising strategy)
We require responsibilities of the Teachers, Deans, Leaders, Parents, Church ministers, or sponsors and individuals to volunteers in order to meet with group or individuals and advise them on the appropriate volunteer trip or adventurer travel selection before they leave; Application form and Registration is 100% free and must be submitted for approval;

Contact the Program Coordinator/manger to ensure that the Program Director with the operational office are aware of your volunteer travel mission or adventure travel schedule
Note: Volunteers (participants) or adventurers travellers are requested to fund-raise for Pearl Child Care project-Uganda (Uganda Education Project for a needy child) prior-to departure date and after. All fund-raised / donations shall be directed to the immediate needs of Uganda Education Project for Pearl Child Care project-Uganda and will include your volunteer program fee

All your volunteer program includes;

1. Airport welcome/pick-up and drop-off

2. Accommodation and room service

3. Feeding (3 meals a day)

4. Transportation while serving at Pearl project activities

5. Excursions: community visits, City tour and cultural concert

6. Certificate of appreciation on the completion

7. Donation to Uganda Education Project for Pearl Child Care project-Uganda

Volunteer at the project! 

Project Summary

Our teaching program benefits local Ugandan 0rphnage school/centers by teaching them the useful language, English. Science, Mathematics and Life Skills.

The demand for teaching is becoming more important with all Various Volunteers attractions presently luring tourists to this lukewarm welcoming country Uganda. Volunteers add value to life of needy children and to the level of Global understanding as volunteer-teacher you will teach only for 2-4 hours a day, five days a week.

There is already existing class teachers in schools; volunteers offer many efforts; including presenting and applying different teaching methods/techniques, giving opinion on solving communication barriers and offering appropriate set of course for classroom.

Start Point: Entebbe International Airport, Entebbe

End Point: Entebbe International Airport,

Duration: 1-12 Weeks (choose the number of weeks you want to stay)

Hours: 15-20 Hours per week Food: Local meals 3 times a day

Accommodation Hostel

Date of arrival:

                  Every First Sunday, Second Sunday, Third Sunday
                 and fourth sunday of each 

Volunteer's Qualification:

There are no qualification required to join the teaching project, however Pearl Child Care Project does expect participant to English speakers who are enthusiastic to teach and love children. Previous teaching experience and or a degree in English is preferred but not required Responsibilities includes;

Teaching English, Science, Mathematics, art, life skills, sports and games, music and etc both in primary schools and secondary school.

Additionally teach physics and chemistry, English and literature, biology and health Science, Mathematics, fine art, life skills, sports and games training/coaching, music in secondary school and etc Local schools provides all curriculum on the syllabus and some teaching materials, volunteers work collectively with already-existing teachers,


Pearl Child Care project-Uganda arranges simple and essential accommodation for volunteers / participant’s regarding room, feeding and room service, supervision from the commencement to the finish of the program. While involving you in one days orientation, language and cultural class, volunteers stay in hostels close to work place or at the orphanage – in a separate room and a bath room Visit some of the Uganda's famous National parks and make a significant journey in your life Service Adventurer Travel and Safari for project development

Visit some of the Uganda's famous National parks and make a significant journey in your life
Service Adventurer Travel and Safari for project development

What is the Service Adventurer? The Service Adventurer is a short-term trip for adventurer travel/expeditions for wildlife that challenges you to experience service on a whole new level. Join 8 to 15 days adventurer trip with other participants from different countries as they Come together for one purpose—to become better prepared to serve the world.

Whether that means serving in your neighborhood, in another part of the world, or possible service through the Uganda Educational Project Assistance for Pearl Child Care project-Uganda, you will catch a lifelong vision of a world in need of your support! You will have the opportunity to serve the disadvantaged children through adventure travel (safari), partnering, fund-raising for development, volunteering and more.


Be challenged as you step out of your comfort zone and explore a different culture and make a significant journey in your life time. Meet new people and make friends that will last a lifetime!