Pearl Child Care Project Uganda  

Let Hearts be broaden and hands be extended to help others 

  Sponsor a child

 Many sponsors/donors enjoy the personal gift of supporting a particular child. By sponsoring a child you can watch be sure that you are making a difference by ensuring that child gets an education and giving the child opportunities that people in many countries around the world take for granted.

Why Support the Needy Children? Each one of us has a potential to make a change and add value to disadvantaged children. If you are NOT doing something with your life to those who are in need;’ it doesn’t matter: but if you are doing something with your life to help those in need it matter’s lot and usefulness. The children of Pearl child care project need your support ( Uganda Education Project) because there is:

• An ever increasing number of needy children and orphans largely caused by

• A growing number of abandoned children caused by poverty

• Increased levels of immorality and disorderly behaviors.

• A reduced attendance in school largely caused by poverty

How: We are currently developing a means to complete your sponsorship online but for now sponsorship is arranged by contacting the Project Program/Execuctive Director, Mukasa Job Samuel or Program Secretary/Assistant Mr. Musinguzi Johnson.